Building the Light Way
A Sustainability Project by Steelworld

Lightweight Steel Home Systems

Abitat101 delivers strong, durable steel structures for fast, safe, and cost-effective homes of practical simplicity.

Light steel frame structures are rapidly proving to be the preferred building method in South Africa. Abitat is a leader in its support for housing schemes of sustainability and environmental responsibility. 

Abitat101 is the brainchild of Steelworld, leaders in roofing and building solutions, with over 20 years expertise and experience in steel technology and manufacture. 

 Abitat operates in the light steel sector and works with leading light steel frame consultants, contractors and property developers. Abitat formulates guidance on structural design by digital technologies, boosting performance and sustainability for its clients.


Advantages of steel construction


Steel is currently the world’s most recycled product with an estimated 80% reduction in carbon footprint emissions.


Easy to maintain and resistant to fire, termites, insects, fungus and other organisms.

Budget Friendly

Price hikes of steel are a lot less common compared to other structural building materials making for a more stress free budget.

The perfect lightweight steel room.

Single Room Structures Made Easy

Learn how to build a structure in just hours. a strong alternative to the traditional building solutions.

Choose your own finishes to make your structure stand out in your space. Simple and strong.

Competitive pricing to ensure value for money.

Enquire at your local hardware store

SAVE – Saving you time and money with easy assembly reducing costs of expensive labour and materials

INVEST – in a structure that is designed and made of high quality grade steel to ensure longer life span and security

SECURE – Fire resistant, insect resistant and safe from the elements once completed to its fullest potential. 

Made with a purpose in mind the lightweight steel structures are suitable for any use. Here ae 20 solutions we could think off.

Wendy Houses, Zozo, Mkhukhu, Back Rooms, Storage Rooms, Site office, Art Room, Outside buildings, Domestic Room, Cabin, Out Building, Workshop, Studio, Leisure Room, Workshop, Bathroom, Guard House, Patrol Station, Consultation Room, Meditation Room